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Okay. This is the beginning…blog post #1.

Today is a special day, a day that is long overdue. I have a story to tell and ideas to share. How did I not realize that a venue like this was lying in wait all along. The egotistical me was camping out waiting for a director to discover me or perhaps a documentary to be made about me beating the odds, maybe a Broadway musical featuring me and my story? I have always been expecting something larger than life. On my way home from school in grade 7, I remember running as fast as I could and then jumping over as many lines in the sidewalk as I could, all the way home. I had convinced myself that the Olympic selection committee would surely drive by at just the right moment to capture my athleticism and gazelle like speed. It’s really not that I think I am special like that anymore or that I deserve some sort of fan fare, more so that I have made most of the mistakes a person can make and chose to learn from them and embrace the cliche but so very true, silver lining. It would be prudent for me to state in my very first blog post, my favorite quote as it has been nothing less than crystallized in my mind since 1994, thanks to a wise friend “DD” giving me a book whilst finding myself on a 2 week hitchhiking trip turned multi year college stint on Vancouver Island in Victoria, BC.

“What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, the mind of a man can achieve”

Napoleon Hill

I cannot type fast enough, each keystroke is such a release and so therapeutic, such a beautiful surprise today! Credit to my wonderful Mother for the suggestion yesterday to begin a blog, and for living up to the old adage that “Mother knows best”. My desire to share my collected knowledge has been absolutely bursting at the seems with no outlet. I tackled Toastmasters for a time, a couple of municipal election runs, never feeling fully satisfied. I want someone to listen to the things that I have to say. If what I write becomes valuable to someone, I will be so thankful. Should someone not like my stories, suggestions, and remedies, it is not forced and the reader maintains control, I love that. This is my happy place right here and right now. I have been trying to write a book for seven or eight years and failing miserably, as I seem to struggle writing in the context of a story that has a beginning and an end. Here, I am realizing that I get to write small spurts without the pressure of accumulating 50,000 words that all seamlessly flow together. This is not for financial gain which also excites me as the things that I would like to share I learned through the making of costly mistakes and I wish to save the reader admission. This communication feels so very comfortable to me and I am excited to share so much. The problem is I will go on and on forever and my lack of blog etiquette and knowledge could create discomfort. So I will end blog post #1 by asking for any advice from experienced bloggers regarding length, depth, and the like…please?

B  E    G  O  O  D    T  O    P  E  O  P  L  E  post

17 comments on “Okay. This is the beginning…blog post #1.

  1. Jordash says:

    So glad you’re writing! You have so much to share! My advice is do your thing, there’s always room for a new approach to blogging/writing! Write how you want and don’t worry too much about the length, depth etc.

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    1. Thanks Jordash! I gave you that name, so cool!

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  2. Kelly says:

    Let the words flow! Looking forward to reading your posts, bro!

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  3. selahrejoice says:

    Loved reading your first blog post Tyson! You’ve learned some great things, and sharing them with others will be an interesting and wonderful journey. I know others will benefit from what you have to say! Love Mom

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  4. Kimmer says:

    Hey Tyson, wishing you all the best. I am excited to hear your stories. Go by the feeling in your heart – it will never let you down. Happy blogging!

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  5. Edna says:

    Awesome! I read some of your previous blogs about your faith and found them inspiring and insightful. The only suggestion I have on blog writing, and not from yours, but others in general is: prolonged prologs which can go on to long with ‘background’ I for that is already general knowledge for the average reader. I tend to skip through them and try to get to the ‘meat’ of it. Looking forward to more of your blog that your Mom reposts for her friends to see.

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    1. selahrejoice says:

      Hi Edna,
      I think the other blog you’ve read was written by Tyson’s brother Ryan. 😊

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  6. boomer says:

    So glad your mom suggested this. As for advice, might I suggest a chat with Matthew Kreider? He is a writer too and a very good one. Looking forward to following you on this blog journey!

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    1. Thank-you! I have read some of his writing, very talented!


  7. Stevie says:

    You brought a smile to my face. I could feel your excitememnt through your words! I look forward to reading your blog. I guess my advice, though I am not a blogger, is write from your heart.

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  8. Nicole says:

    Just write, Tyson! Good for you!!

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  9. Bunner says:

    Do you what you do brother and your readers will relish in your humour, generosity, humility and kindness. Looking forward to this journey with you.

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    1. Thank-you so much Bunner!


  10. Danguyver says:

    Speak from your heart brother, you have accumulated much wisdom during our years of friendship. I look forward to reading your blog, and if you inspire just one person to “be better” or help someone in their lives, then your words shall prove what many know about you already.

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    1. So nice Brother, thank-you for being such a loyal friend!


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